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Songs to Cry To Cassette Tape Sticker

Songs to Cry To Cassette Tape Sticker

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Get ready to cry your eyes out with the Songs to Cry To Cassette Tape Sticker. The cute, colourful, nostalgic way to transport yourself back to the days of old-school cassette tapes! This sticker also serves as a gentle reminder of the power of music – both to make us laugh and cry, to bring us joy and to heal. So, if you're feeling down – put on your favourite songs and cry it out with this beautiful reminder of one of the purest forms of music – the cassette tape. 
Whether you're decorating your laptop, notebook, water bottle, or anything else in need of some fun, this sticker is sure to brighten up your day. Buy yours today and let out a good cry!

♡ 3" x 2.1"

♡ Premium glossy vinyl material

♡ Waterproof + Weather resistant (2-4 year minimum outdoor life)

♡ Dishwasher safe

♡ PVC free

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